“Bless the Lord, O my my soul, And forget not all His benefits” Ps 103:2
“Forget not …” Ach! I forget & so very fast. It has been referred to as “soul amnesia”, and I’m inclined to agree.

Forget not … God pardons
Forget not … God heals
Forget not … God redeems
Forget not … God crowns
Forget not … God fills

I do forget. I forget it all in a flash. I allow the Son to be eclipsed by self and circumstance. And in that loss of True Light? Shadows loom, they loom larger than life.

Ah, but in remembering? Hope buds, swells, blooms … no more a starved seedling struggling in shadows but a flower thriving in the Son. As we turn towards the Son, basking in the beauty of His glorious Light touching our lives, we release a fragrance, an incense of praise rising to Him.

Forget not … God pardons all my mess,
Forget not … God heals all my hurt places,
Forget not … God redeems my very beating, breathing life from the shadows,
Forget not … God crowns me, even me, with goodness, kindness, faithfulness, & compassion,
Forget not … God fills my days to the brim with beauty.

The sweet scent of “Forget Me Nots” fills the air, drawing eyes and hearts toward Him. We tell of Him, His story giving life to ours, and He is blessed.