I’m here, I breathe You in.
I wait in this stillness and let Your love wash through me.
I choose to open my heart and begin
to throw my crowns at the feet of Him most Holy.

“Tell me again,” my heart starts to cry,
“Remind me of all that You’ve done.
For I cannot rise and speak to this wind,
’till my feet become sure of Your ground.”

Oh, how He answered, with strength and with care.
How the angry rebuke never came.
But the whisper I heard in response to my cry,
and the answer I found, He became.

It was glory. His radiant, beautiful glory,
that I found when I blessed His name.
And all of His wonders, His remarkable love
washed over me then as I sang.

Because You are King, I give you my life.
You will satisfy me with your good.
Because You are Peace, I am free from all strife,
And my soul will remember Your Word.

My soul will remember that You are my God,
I will love you for all of my days.
And just as Your people made known who You are,
I will bless You for all of my days.